Smokin’ Thighs

I was in the Wedgewood area last weekend and stopped at Smokin’ Thighs for some lunch. This was a recommendation from a friend who hasn’t disappointed us yet, so we gave it a try.

unnamed (2).jpg

Atmosphere?– This was a cute little place. There were several TVs.

Service?– It was a busy Saturday after the flea market and they were clearly understaffed. I believe there was only 1 waitress in the whole place and the bartender was even helping wait tables. We had to walk up to the bar a few times to get refill, silverware, etc.

Parking?– There are a few spots in front of the building and a parking lot behind the restaurant.

Food?– The food was average. I like my wings a little crispier than they were and the bacon mac and cheese didn’t have a whole lot of taste to it. The smoked corn was the highlight of my meal. I had never had this before and was pleasantly surprised.

Drinks?– The drink menu was pretty impressive. They offer a lot of local beers and a large moonshine selection.

Overall?– I was a bit disappointed. I will give them another try because I can’t imagine the service is always like that. I will be ordering something different next time though, except for the corn of course! I give Smokin’ Thighs a 2.5/5.

Check out their menu here.


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