The Guide to Pop-Up Concerts

Coming from a small town where there is nothing to do, I refuse to pass up on all the fun things this city has to offer. But sometimes that can get pricey. Since moving here a year ago, I have attended some pretty big names in concert…. including Garth Brooks TWICE and I’ve managed to do it all FOR FREE. And I want to share with you how I did that.

Pop-up concerts are usually free concerts in small intimate venues with very short notice. The best thing about Nashville is that there are a lot of these small venues and there are so many musicians that live here in town. The pop-up concerts will happen on any day of the week!

The key to going to these concerts is first of all…. knowing about them!

Pop-Up Concert Announcements

  • Follow your favorite musicians on social media. Our favorite artists use social media to communicate with their fans. Most of the time, they will announce their pop-up shows via Instagram, but I would follow on all social networks just to be safe!
  • Follow the local bars and small concert venues on social media. Sometimes the bars will announce the shows as well. Most of the venues will also have a calendar of events on their website. Check those periodically because they may add someone you want to see.
  • Follow the record labels on social media. During the summer, they will sometimes do weeknight concerts at the record label on Music Row. A concert can’t get much more intimate than that!
  • Listen to local radio stations. There are always contests going on in which they give away free tickets to shows. Keep an ear out for those. And sign up on the radio station websites for free tickets!
  • Pandora Concerts. Pandora will sometimes host concerts that kick off the upcoming tour. Listen to the ads on Pandora to find out about these concerts.


  • Get there early. Because these concerts are in such small venues, space is limited. I would suggest getting there 2-3 hours early. I have only been to a few concerts where they had to turn people away, but it has happened. So just get there early to make sure you get a good spot!

While most people think of concert season as summer and warm times of the year, this is the city where most of the artists live. They tend to have shows whenever they are home and get bored, which is why we have been to some of the best shows in the winter. So keep your eyes and ears open year round and don’t miss out! I hope to see you there!


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