Concert Venues

As you know, Nashville is known for the music industry. It’s not called Music City for nothing after all.

Since moving here a year ago, I have seen some of my favorite artists at some of the coolest venues. You can’t beat seeing some big names in small bars. I have put together a list of must-visit venues for you!


These go without saying. Catch a great show any night of the week. Even if you aren’t familiar with all the bands, it will still be entertaining. Some of the best shows I’ve seen there, I didn’t even know who was playing.

3rd and Lindsley

This might be my favorite small venue in this city. My first time there, I had bought a $20 ticket to see an up and coming artist. After struggling to find a parking spot, I walked in expecting to be stuck in the back and not able to see. It was to my surprise that this venue is set up like a restaurant. We grabbed a table and enjoyed the show. Where else can you see some of your favorite artists perform at a restaurant?

The Basement East

I was here for the first time a few weeks ago. There is no parking at all! I was about 2 hours early for the show, and had to drive around for a solid 20 minutes before finding a spot down the street. If you are there early, the liquor store is across the alley. 

Marathon Music Works

This venue was a huge surprise to me. I had been over to Antique Archeology and all those shops, and had no idea there was a venue within that cute building.

This place was a lot bigger than I was expecting. There are a few bars so bar lines haven’t been a problem the few times I was there.

Tin Roof on Demonbreun

If the concert is inside, you’re in for a real treat. This venue is very small, which makes for some of the best shows. I was here for a charity event and got to see some song writers, as well as some up-and-coming singers. This has been one of my favorite shows yet. If the weather is nice, it will probably be out back behind the bar. There really is no way to tell where they are going to be doing the show, but don’t miss the opportunity to see some of your favorite singers perform here!


Some of my followers’ favorite venues were the Fontanel and Little Harpeth Brewing Taproom. I haven’t had the opportunity to go to these yet, but they are now on my list!




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